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is a classroom version of the Jeopardy® TV show, in which players are presented clues that answer a question. The students must think of the question that goes with each answer. Playing the game before a field trip to Animal Eyes will familiarize students with concepts presented in the exhibition. Materials included in this guide: To play the game, you'll also need:
  • An overhead projector and screen
  • Small post-it notes
  • Scrap paper for students to write on
  • A clock or watch with a second hand
Setting up
  1. Copy the game board onto an overhead transparency.
  2. Project the game board onto a screen.
  3. Cover each clue with a small post-it note. Start at the bottom with the 500 point row and add rows of notes going up-the rows may overlap.
Playing the game
  1. Divide the class into teams of three or four students.
  2. Distribute scrap paper.
  3. Explain the rules.
  4. Turn on the overhead.
  5. Begin play!

Teams take turns choosing the category and point level of the next clue: the easier the problem, the lower the point value. Each clue relates to the subject category at the top of the column. (See game board - in PDF format)

Small teams of three or four students each discuss the clue as it is revealed, and they have 30 seconds to come up with the "question" they think the clue answers.

Each team should write down their solution in the form of a question (for example, the clue "a slow moving animal with a hard shell on its back" would have "what is a TURTLE?" as its solution). All teams have to think of solutions, and every team with a correct solution gets points for it.
Note: Feel free to explain or elaborate on vocabulary to make the questions understandable, but be careful not to give the answer away!

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