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Animal Eyes Answers
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1. compound
2. ommatidia
3. one picture
4. large pupil, big eyes, some have reflectors, lots of rods
5. answers will vary
6. reflector at the back of the eye
7. cones
8. three
9. two
10. worse
11. predators
12. Provides 3-D vision
13. prey animals
14. Provides wide range of vision
15. eight
16. no
17. scallop
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Eye Parts
Eyeball parts 1. The cornea, a clear protective covering of the eye, bends light into the eye.
2. The lens changes shape to focus light.
3. The colored part of your eye is called the iris.
4. The hole in the middle of your iris is called the pupil.
5. The lining at the back of your eye is called the retina.
6. The optic nervecarries messages from your eye to your brain.


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