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Animal Eyes Extension Activities

These activities let students learn more about the visual system and the important role of vision in our everyday lives. They are only a starting point-you'll find many good vision lesson plans and classroom curricula in print and on the World Wide Web. (See the bibliography.)

  • Devise an experiment to test an aspect of vision (such as field of view, color discrimination, or focusing ability). Test twenty subjects and graph your results.

  • Invent a device that will help you see under specific conditions (for instance, in the dark, far away, underwater, or behind you).

  • Use modeling clay or other materials to create accurate, labeled models of different eye types. Chose two or three of the following: human, nocturnal mammal (with tapetum), owl, fly, moth, fish, bird, or reptile.

  • Interview someone who has an eye disorder or visual impairment, and find out how it has affected the person's life.

  • Dissect a cow's eye. Supply lists and step-by-step instructions can be found online at

  • Keep a journal for a week about what conditions affect your vision. Notice how lighting, distance, and color affect how well you see.
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