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Animal Eyes About the Exhibition

What has a hundred eyes and lives on the bottom of the ocean? How does a fly's eye work? Do dogs see in color? Do cats see what we see? These and other questions about human and animal vision are explored in Animal Eyes, a traveling exhibition developed by the Museum of Vision in San Francisco.

Five exhibit areas explore the different facets of animal vision.
  • Different Kinds of Eyes — focuses on various types of animal eyes.
  • Night Eyes — delves into how animals see at night.
  • Seeing In Color — explores how the eye processes color .
  • Different Places on Different Faces — discusses the position of animal eyes .
  • 3 Eyes, 8 Eyes, More — looks at animals with multiple eyes.
The exhibition provides several educational resources including Braille, large print, and Spanish translation of the exhibition text.

Animal Eyes was awarded first place in the American Association of Museums Exhibition Competition. The exhibition was developed by the Museum of Vision in San Francisco with generous support from the National Science foundation and LensCrafters.

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