Epidemic! The Natural History of Disease.  At the San Diego Natural History Museum

Dear Teacher

Infection, Detection Protection--AMNH magazine

Welcome to Epidemic! The Natural History of Disease.

The Epidemic! Teacher Guide and accompanying materials have been designed to provide an educational and enjoyable experience for your students. This guide includes background information about infectious diseases; an overview of the exhibit; vocabulary; classroom activities before, during, and after visiting the exhibit; plus an answer sheet and references. Infection, Detection, and Prevention, a student magazine, is recommended for use with your teacher's guide. Print copies are available from the San Diego Natural History Museum and an online version is posted on the American Museum of Natural History website. These materials were developed in conjunction with the exhibition by the American Museum of Natural History, New York.

All of the grade-level components have been included allowing you to choose what is most appropriate for your students. Throughout the teacher's guide, bold words are defined in the glossary.

The exhibit and the activities in this packet are aligned with the following science and health standards:

Science Content Standards for California
Grade 3 Life Science 3a, b, c, d (adaptations and survival)
Grade 4 Life Science 2b, c (organisms/energy and matter);
3a, b, c (interactions of organisms/microorganisms)
Grade 6 Ecology 5c, e (organisms in ecosystems)
Grade 7 Evolution and Diversity of Organisms 3a (genetic and environmental factors)
Grade 9-12 Cell Biology
California Health Framework Addendum Draft (December 2000)
K-6 The Human Body (personal hygiene)
K-3 Disease Prevention (personal hygiene/disease prevention)
K-3 Treatment of Disease (recognition and treatment of disease)
3-6 Roles of Family Members (practice health-promoting behaviors)
K-12 School and Community (school/community related health issues)
3-6 Life Cycle (personal hygiene)

If you should have questions related to this guide, please contact Carol Radford, School Programs Manager, at (619) 232-3821, ext. 202, or cradford@sdnhm.org.

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Exhibit Overview

Cover of Infection, Detection, Protection,
a magazine for families and students, developed by the American Museum of Natural History.
Banner microbe: Adenovirus (virus causing common cold)
from the American Museum of Natural History Epidemic! exhibition

Epidemic! was created by the American Museum of Natural History with the support of Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. The San Diego exhibition is made possible by a generous title sponsorship from Alliance Healthcare Foundation, with a matching grant from The California Endowment, and generous support from additional sponsors and advisors.

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