Epidemic! The Natural History of Disease.  At the San Diego Natural History Museum
This exhibition closed August 12, 2001

Teacher's Guide

at the
San Diego
Natural History Museum
April 6 - August 12, 2001

The San Diego exhibition
and its education programs
are made possible by a
generous title sponsorship from
Alliance Healthcare Foundation
with a matching grant from
The California Endowment
and the generous support
of all our
Sponsors and Advisors

microbe models from the exhibition

The Teacher's Guide
was written by
Chisun Chun

Special thanks to
American Museum of
Natural History

Teacher Introduction and Standards Correlation
Exhibit Overview
Exhibit Organization
Background Information
         The Story of Microbes
         Where Do Microbes Live
         How Did Microbes Become Agents of Disease?
         The World of Microbes
         Microbes Evolve, Just as Human Do
         When Microbe Meets Human
         Infection and the Body Response
         Bacterial Infections
         Viral Infections
         Eradication and Prevention
         It's Up to All of Us
Pre-visit Activities
          Elementary Students
          Middle and High School Students
At the Museum
         When Human and Microbes Meet
         Hantavirus Cycle
Post-visit Activities
          Elementary Students
          Upper Elementary and Middle School Students
          High School Students
Taking It Further
          For All Student Levels: Soapy Solutions
          For Middle and High School Students: Fun with Fomites
Answer Sheets
         Infectious Disease Quiz
         When Human and Microbes Meet

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Microbes from the American Museum of Natural History Epidemic! exhibition. Banner - Adenovirus (virus causing common cold); Margin - Clockwise from top right: E. coli 0157:H7 (bacterium causing food poisoning); Trypanosoma brucei (protozoan causing sleeping sickness); Hepadnavirus (virus causing hepatitis B), Plasmodium gametocyte (protozoan causing malaria). Center: Borrelia burgdorferi (the spirochete causing Lyme disease)

Epidemic! was created by the American Museum of Natural History with the support of Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.

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