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DINOSAURS: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries

Exhibition Highlights

How Dinosaurs Moved

See the latest biomechanical studies on dinosaur movement spring dramatically to life:

The Liaoning Forest

Experience one of the largest re-creations of a prehistoric environment ever built. Northeast China’s Liaoning Province has yielded a rich diversity of exceptionally well-preserved specimens that have led to startling new theories in just the past ten years. In this forest lives:

Dilong Paradoxus
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How Dinosaurs Behaved

Learn how scientists are reinterpreting old fossil evidence using new approaches and new technologies to unlock the secrets of dinosaur behavior. Highlights include:


Sinornithosaurus fossil
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Explore the hard evidence for theories on the possible events that ended the Age of Dinosaurs, including asteroid impact, global climate change, and massive volcanic eruptions. Learn more about this section of the exhibition from the American Museum of Natural History.