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This exhibition closed on September 19, 1999

Vincent Manson

D. Vincent Manson was a research scientist at the De Beers Diamond Research Laboratory in South Africa prior to completing his studies for a Ph.D. in Geology at Columbia University in 1964. For the ensuing twelve years, he served as curator of Gems and Minerals at the American Museum of Natural History in New York where he was both scientist-in-charge and principle participant in the design and installation of two major halls and several special exhibits. Among other interests, he was an advisor to the Hackensack Meadowlands Development Commission and the Arizona State University Center for Meteorite Studies and, as well, was a founder, charter member and the first president of the Mineral Museums Advisory Council.

Among the many outstanding achievements of his career, Manson has been an associate editor with Natural History Magazine, and was co-editor and contributing author of the Poldervaart Memorial Volume published by the Gemological Society of America. In addition, he has authored numerous professional articles and technical papers and is widely published in the Proceedings of the Geological Society of America, the Proceedings of the International Kimberlite Conference and Gems & Gemology, to name a few.

In 1976, Dr. Manson accepted a position as director of research for the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California and has since also served as its Director of Education before being named director of strategic planning in the late 1980's. His Institute career spans almost two decades. Manson has also served as a scientific consultant and participant for the widely acclaimed documentary, "The Time of Man" and was co-producer for both the Time-Life film, "Our Dynamic Earth" and "Gems of the Americas," an award-winning effort.

In 1981 and again in 1991, Dr. Manson was the principal organizer of the First and Second International Gemological Symposiums hosted by GIA and now heads the team for the third symposium in San Diego on June 21-24, 1999. He is also an associate editor of Gems & Gemology, the premier journal of the international gem and jewelry industry produced solely by the GIA. A widely-recognized expert in many technical aspects of gemology from color to nomenclature, Manson frequently represents the Institute at conferences and symposia around the world.

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