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Desert & Sea: Visions of Baja California -- El Desierto y el Mar -- Imagenes de Baja California
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Curator's Statement

and selected images:

Pablo Cervantes
Fulvio Eccardi
Bill Evarts
Enrique Hambleton
Patricio Robles Gil
John S. Shelton

Enrique Hambleton
La Paz, Baja California Sur

San Pedro Martir, photo © Enrique Hambleton
With exceptional commitment, Enrique Hambleton has been a leader in environmental education and conservation. As a founding member of PRONATURA, a Mexican conservation organization, and Sociedad de Historia Natural Niparajá, La Paz, he has promoted the preservation of irreplaceable natural places. A recognized authority on the aboriginal rock art and paintings of the Baja California peninsula, Enrique's work was instrumental in the designation of the Sierra San Francisco as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Enrique also devotes time to the San Diego Natural History Museum's binational advisory board.

I am continually amazed by Baja California's beauty and diversity. After photographing it for over twenty-five years, I have barely mined the richness of imagery it contains.... Time spent in the field visiting its people, places, and creatures has been a rare privilege. It compels me to help raise awareness about the region's frail, delicate, and valuable nature.

Cardonal, Isla San Pedro Mártir, Baja California, © Enrique Hambleton

Desert & Sea