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Desert & Sea: Visions of Baja California -- El Desierto y el Mar -- Imagenes de Baja California
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Curator's Statement

and selected images:

Pablo Cervantes
Fulvio Eccardi
Bill Evarts
Enrique Hambleton
Patricio Robles Gil
John S. Shelton

Bill Evarts
Escondido, California

Elephant Tree on Lava Mesa, photo © Bill Evarts A soft-spoken, thoughtful, and deliberate nature belies Bill Evarts' sense of adventure and drive to capture dramatic landscapes. With a love for wilderness, tempered by transcendent patience, Bill has shouldered his view camera throughout the southwestern United States and Baja California, locking on film magical moments that hold myriad stories. His long and intimate relationship with southern California's Torrey Pines State Reserve resulted in the book, Torrey Pines: Landscape and Legacy. This photographic tribute is about discovering and sharing a sense of place. Each year Bill returns to the Sierra de San Francisco in Baja California where he helps coordinate care at a rural health and dental clinic.

My motivation for taking photographs is the same as for any other tourist: I want to share the scenes and subjects that have given me pleasure. I'm drawn to Baja California because so much of the landscape is still authentic and wild, and thus deserves our careful attention.

Elephant Tree on Lava Mesa, Baja California, © Bill Evarts

Desert & Sea