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Desert & Sea: Visions of Baja California -- El Desierto y el Mar -- Imagenes de Baja California
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Curator's Statement

and selected images:

Pablo Cervantes
Fulvio Eccardi
Bill Evarts
Enrique Hambleton
Patricio Robles Gil
John S. Shelton

Fulvio Eccardi
Mexico City

Bahia Magdalena, photo © Fulvio Eccardi Through the lens of his camera, Italian biologist Fulvio Eccardi has focused the world's attention on burning ecological issues. With curiosity and perseverance, Fulvio documents both natural beauty and the complex relationship between humans and the environment. His research on small-scale fishing in the Sea of Cortés brought to light the perilous overfishing of sharks. While educating the public with his pictures and ingenious problem-solving, Fulvio is working with native peoples to preserve rainforest through sustainable harvests. During the last five years he has been researching and photographing coffee production in more than fifteen countries for a forthcoming book.

For me, photography is a way to show the most astonishing aspects of the natural world and to tell, with a series of pictures, how people get and transform the raw material that is consumed daily.

Bahia Magdalena, Baja California, © Fulvio Eccardi

Desert & Sea