Cats! Wild to Mild - San Diego Natural History Museum

Male lion from exhibitCats stare at us from the walls of Egyptian tombs built thousands of years ago, they hunt in San Diego's backcountry and in the grasslands of Africa, and they sit on our laps and living room couches.

This exhibition closed January 4, 1998.

These fascinating creatures are the subject of "Cats! Wild to Mild" an interactive exhibition at the Museum from November 15, 1997, through January 4, 1998.

Focusing on the biology, behavior, natural history and conservation of both domestic and wild cats, "Cats!" is an in-depth exploration of felines, or more specifically, the scientific Family Felidae. Felines are a study in contrasts, from America's number one pet -- one out of four households have cats -- to some of the most feared and revered mammals on earth.

  • See the exhibit overview for a description and summary of what you'll see at the museum.

  • Learn about our wild neighbors, cougars and bobcats, and what to do if you encounter them.

  • Your house cat has the same hunting instinct as its wild relatives. What does this mean to the wildlife of our region? Find out how you can turn your outdoor cat into a happy indoor cat.

  • Find fascinating feline facts about our furry friends.

Thanks to our supporters who made this exhibition possible.

Organized by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County,
"Cats! Wild to Mild" is nationally supported by Friskies PetCare Company, the National Science Foundation, and Jaguar Cars.

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