[BEARS: Imagination and Reality.  At the San Diego Natural History Museum from October 21, 2000 through January 2, 2001.]

Teacher's Guide: At the Museum

Bear Behavior Challenge Answers

Multiple Choice: 1 acde, 2 f, 3 abc, 4 f, 5 d, 6 e, 7 bdef

True and False: 1 T, 2 T, 3 T, 4 F, 5 F, 6 T, 7 F, 8 F, 9 F, 10 T, 11 F, 12 F, 13 F, 14 T, 15 T

bear drawing

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Quiz: 1990 The Science Museum of Minnesota

BEARS: Imagination and Reality was produced by The Science Museum of Minnesota, and is sponsored by major grants from the National Science Foundation, the Great Bear Foundation of Montana, and Norwest Banks, N.A.

All specimens in the exhibition were obtained as salvage specimens from agencies throughout the United States; no bears were harmed in the creation of these exhibits.

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