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Whale Watching with the Museum
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Whaler's log :: Mom and baby Blue swim close to boat...

This Sunday morning we headed out to the vicinity where blue whales had recently been spotted. Once again, luck,or was it krill (the small shrimp-like food the whales consume in great quantity), was on our side. Upon reaching the area, all were treated to seeing a spout and a blue whale.  The captain decided to head toward Los Coronados Islands. On the way, another large spout was seen on the western horizon. We were in for a treat—--two blue whales traveling right next to one another; more than likely a mom and calf; they were accommodating whales, and came to the surface several time, quite close to the boat.
Additionally, a mola mola (large sunfish) was seen as well as several pods of common dolphins feeding (and playing alongside the vessel) over a large area, including many moms and babies.
Occasional black sea nettles were seen as we returned to the harbor, concluding another excellent day on the water, seeing the wonders of sea life off the coast of San Diego. The passengers and the whalers left the boat, happy to have had such a wonderful experience.  

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