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Whale Watching with the Museum
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Whaler's log :: Ocean "boiling" with thousands of dolphins...

As we headed out of the bay in search of the "Blues of Summer" we were treated to a few dolphins who seemed to enjoy riding the side wake of the boat, three lined up in a row!  Little did we know what was in store for us as we continued the day. We soon found a full-sized blue who proceeded to give us a wonderful view by swimming slowly just off the port side of the boat. We got to see it gracefully rise and fall in the water as it glided in and then back out again to show us its spectacular 20 foot blow. We don't often get such a close up view. This one was a regular four minute diver, so we got to see it on the surface many times before we "lost" him.

In the distance, we spotted "boiling water" with what appeared to be many dolphins literally flinging themselves into the air. As we approached, we realized we had come upon a "megapod" of not just common dolphins, but crazy, leaping common dolphins! The captain maneuvered us into the center of the frenzy and we enjoyed them for over a half hour. There must have been well over a thousand dolphins, including many babies!  One young lady had skipped a day of summer school to be with us and was astonished at the quantity and diversity of sealife we saw! She couldn't wait to get back to school and tell her friends.

And just when you'd think we'd seen enough dolphins to satisfy us all, we came upon a pod of regal Risso's dolphins (babies among them too). They stayed with us for quite awhile, and we saw the many shades of gray to white of all the adults--a couple with spectacular markings primarily from squid encounters (their favorite food). After all the time spent with the dolphins and whales, there wasn't much time left for the Los Coronados so we made a quick pass to see the Dead Man's Island sea lions, and saw  a couple pups. There we saw pelicans (so many lining the top ridge that it reminded me of the movie The Birds!) On Bird Rock we saw one elusive oystercatcher with a chick and the brown boobies. And with that, we started our long ride back to the dock with a few more dolphin riding the bow on the way back! A fine day was had by all.

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