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Whale Watching with the Museum
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Whaler's log :: Scores of Birds on the September 25 Cruise

Pelicans awaiting passengers as we boarded the Bright and Morning Star were an indication of things to come. A few miles outside the entrance to San Diego Bay we saw scores of birds—cormorants, gulls, shearwaters, and yes, more brown pelicans. It wasn't long before spouts were spotted in the distance, and then a breach of a humpback whale. Heading in the general direction of the spots we soon spied three whales—two blue whales and a minke whale feeding. Several sea lions and dolphins chased the minke whale and then a Bryde’s whale was spotted surface feeding. Soon, several offshore bottlenose dolphins began bow riding and a large pod of common dolphins joined. At Bird Rock in Los Coronados Islands, we saw brown boobies and a black oyster catcher. At Dead Man's Island we watched many sea lions and a few harbor seals. It was another excellent day on the water.

Submitted by Whaler Diane

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