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Whale Watching with the Museum
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Whaler's log :: Blue Whales Feasting on September 11 Cruise

Another great day on the water! Not only was it beautiful weather, but we saw hundreds of common dolphins and many feeding blue whales. Then, in the distance, we spotted breaching whales. We cruised over to the area and we were delighted to see three humpback whales, two of them breaching in unison. After watching the acrobatics for what must have been an hour, we returned to the area of blue whales and what a show. We watched, 10 or more blue whales surface feeding viewing their ventral grooves, baleen, and pectoral flippers. There were several more spouts in the distance. A fin whale and another unidentified baleen whale (either a minke or Bryde’s whale) joined in the feeding. Dolphins and sea lions swam amongst the feeding whales, and sea birds surrounded us. What a fantastic day of whale-watching off the San Diego coast!

Submitted by Whaler Diane

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