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Whale Watching with the Museum
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Whaler's log :: Over 500 dolphins seen on September 1 Cruise

As the Ocean Odyssey departed San Diego this morning, 20 tall ships lined up in formation for a parade into San Diego Bay. Although a big southern swell was hitting the shores, making the surfers crazy-happy, the ocean itself was fairly gentle under very blue skies. Passengers and whalers viewed a pod of at least 500 dolphins feeding, sending bait to the surface, and attracting sea birds to the feast. It was a National Geographic show! Soon, two adult blue whales came into view and then a mom and calf pair came close to the vessel, allowing everyone a look at their beautiful blue color that shows just under the surface of the water. The trip to Los Coronados Islands gave passengers the opportunity to see sea lions and birds and the strong current sent waves crashing through holes in the shorelines. It was another wonderful day on the water.

From Whaler Diane

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