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Whaler's log :: Wow! 30 Whales on the August 18 cruise!

Good karma brought out the blue whales in droves!  Today's blue whale cruise was the BEST I've ever been on, and I've been on many over the past few years. Early in the cruise we enjoyed a group of common dolphins and the a thrasher shark attached to a small buoy. The crew on the Ocean Odyssey released the shark from the buoy and their good efforts did not go unrewarded. Northeast of Dead Man's Island we came upon at least 30 feeding blue whales! They were seen in every direction! Several showed their massive tail flukes when taking deep dives. Even the captain of the boat said he'd never seen so many blue whales in one day. The krill, the major food of the blue whales, must have been delicious and plentiful! Near our boat, Paul Watson, captain of the Sea Shepherd (you may have seen featured on Whale Wars) was checking out great white sharks in the area, using a spotter plane. I don't know how many great whites they observed, but they sure had an eyeful of blue whales! What a spectacular day on the water!

Submitted by Whaler Diane

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