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Whale Watching with the Museum
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Whaler's log :: Thrilling moments...

"Totally beyond expectations," were the words of Francette and Bernie from Coronado after spending a day on the Ocean Odyssey in search of the whales of summer…As we headed in a southwesterly direction we saw blows in the distance and had quite a show of breaching and pectoral fins and flukes from two humpback whales.

As we moved along, we spotted a group of common dolphins that proceeded to bow ride and give the passengers a good showing.  A group of Risso's dolphins and offshore bottlenose dolphins was our next find....amazing that they were all together and appeared to be busy eating their lunch. A humpback whale "blew" very close to our bow on the starboard side and swam under the boat..."Where did he come from?" people asked...they were even more thrilled when moments after that it did a full breach on the port side, as if to let us know he was there.

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