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Whaler's log :: Day of the Dolphins on August 7 Cruise

Today's cruise turned into "Day of the Dolphin." Passengers really enjoyed the viewing a large pod of common dolphins—a highly entertaining group of toothed whales. As we headed toward Los Coronados Islands, more common dolphins were spotted and many Oyster Catchers (birds) were feasting on the mussels visible in the low tide on Dead Man's Island. Low tide also offered passengers good views of some orange and purple sea stars. Sea lions and their pups were plentiful, and several harbor seals were observed basking on the rocks. We even viewed one large elephant seal, who apparently returned to Elephant Seal Beach to molt. As we turned north, we came upon a pod of offshore bottle nose dolphins; this pod included a unique, part-Albino dolphin (with pink markings) that had been spotted once before this season. The waters were lake-calm, great for cruising.  Unfortunately no blue whales today; but they do move around to check out various feeding grounds; each blue whale does need to eat two to four tons of krill every day! We're optimistic they'll be returning to the area soon.

Submitted by Whaler Diane


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