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Whaler's log :: A Magnificent Cruise on August 4

Even superlatives like awesome or fantastic can't describe today's cruise. Twenty-two blue whales were spotted, many of them taking large mouthfuls of krill. We say three mom and calf pairs, a minke whale feeding close to a blue, and a dolphin close at hand with the whales. Two whales came so close to the boat, the blow covered my camera lens, and you could smell their breath. It seemed everywhere we looked there were blue whales! Everyone on board was thrilled. The krill, the tiny crustaceans on which the whales feed, were visible in the water and we saw squid joining in the feeding. We also enjoyed pods of common dolphins. This is definitely the time to join us on cruse you haven't already done so. If you’ve already gone, consider going again and sharing your enthusiasm with other passengers. Even a couple passengers who had issues with motion sickness told me it was so worth seeing these magnificent animals (and that is a recommendation!). Other passengers, from Germany and Chicago, mentioned that this trip was way beyond their expectations.

From Whaler Diane

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