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Whale Watching with the Museum
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Whaler's log :: Unusual "Pink" Bottlenose Dolphin Spotted on July 24 Cruise

Bottle nose dolphins greeted the Ocean Odyssey as we headed out of San Diego Bay for "whale canyon," a recent feeding area for the blue whales.  No blue whales were seen in this location, so we turned north and what a strange sight we encounterd! Within a pod of bottlenose dolphins, we saw one large mottled gray and pink dolphin, a very rare sight. No one on board; crew, whalers Ida and Terry, or passengers had ever seen anything like it.  We believe it to be some kind of albino dolphin but we don't know. Fortunately, it appeared very healthy. We then encountered a pod of common dolphins; and finally after a couple sightings of spouts, but no good sighting of a whale, a humpback whale was seen. This whale wasn't in acrobatic mode, so we watched the whale briefly and took off on an eastward course where the captain had heard blue whales had been spotted. Eventually, we saw the spouts of blue whales; and had closer views of approximately six blue whales; a couple of which showed tail flukes when taking deep dives. Though time did not allow us a view of Los Coronados today, passengers were very happy with the whale sightings, and all were especially intrigued by the very unusual "pink dolphin."

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