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Whaler's log :: A Dozen Whales Spotted on July 17 cruise!

Passengers on today's cruise were in for a very special day! We started the day encountering bottlenose and common dolphins on our journey to "whale canyon," and sighted at least 12 blue whales, including two mom and calf pairs. The passengers were impressed, not only by the whales' size, but also feeding behavior, spy hops, and tail flukes before deep dives. Two whales surfaced very close to the vessel giving all the passengers and whalers Karen and Ruth a thrill. A pod of common dolphins played in the midst of all the feeding whales.

We headed to Los Coronados, and, as always, everyone enjoyed seeing the sea lions, harbor seals, and black oyster catchers on Dead Man's Island. The brown booby chicks on Bird Rock are starting to feather out, and were observed near their nesting ground. Then it was back to San Diego, not without stopping to enjoy viewing the beautiful blue whales we had seen earlier in the day.

What a fantastic day spent on the beautiful Pacific Ocean, with the most blue whales we've seen in one day this season!

Submitted by Whaler Diane

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