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Whaler's log :: Gray Whale Spotted on July 14 Trip

What a day!  As we departed San Diego Bay, three bottle nose dolphins were observed, as well as some frolicking sea lions. Then we heard from the captain on the Bright and Morning Star that he saw the fluke of a gray whale--a rare sight at this time of year. On the way out to sea, passengers and whalers Patty and Sheila enjoyed sightings of at least six blue whales, incuding a mom and calf pair. Passengers from Germany and Arizona were especially thrilled with the sightings. 

At Dead Man's Island, we viewed the sea lions and their pups, some harbor seals, black oyster catchers and orange sea stars. Brown booby chicks were observed amongst their elders on Bird Rock. After a quick look at Pirate's Cove, we started our return trip, and noticed some major splashing. It was a pod of feeding Risso's dolphins. We then had another opportunity to see the blue whales we observed earlier. The mother of the calf dived twice; the mother showing her beautiful tail flukes. Ending the trip as we began in San Diego Bay, we once again saw the young gray whale. We wished it well on its journey.

Submitted by Whaler Diane

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