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Whale Watching with the Museum
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Whaler's log :: Three blues spotted on July 7 Cruise

It was a great day to be on the ocean off San Diego...not only were we missing the humidity in the city, but we got terrific views of three blue whales. All three whales showed their tail flukes on their deep dives, and one of the whales even made the captain a bit nervous as it swam underneath the vessel a couple times!  Passengers and whalers Doris and Diane were thrilled with the sightings.  .  Traveling to Los Coronados passengers saw a large pod of Risso's dolphins--always a special treat. Everyone on board enjoyed the sea lions and their pups on Dead Man's Island, as well as the brown boobys and one of their chicks on Bird Rock. Heading back to San Diego, we were treated to another view of Risso's dolphins. One couple from the Midwest said they were amazed by everything they saw and how we in San Diego are so lucky to have this visual feast right off our coast.

Submitted by Whaler Diane

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