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Whaler's log :: A pair of blues seen on June 30, 2011

A beautiful summer day greeted passengers and whalers Alan and Judy. Not only blue skies, but blue whales feeding. Passengers caught great views of the pectoral fins and baleen of two blue whales as they took their "big gulps" of krill. As passengers watched the whales feed, a few common dolphins joined in on the action. After several views of the blue whale, the boat ventured off to Los Coronados Islands, and on the way a large pod of common dolphin, six to eight Risso's dolphins, and a mola mola (sunfish) were spotted. On the islands, passengers were able to see several black oyster catchers, many sea lion pups, and harbor seals. After a look at the brown booby's and three of their chicks, the boat headed back to San Diego, with additional stops to see more feeding blue whales. Wow! it was another fantastic day on the water!

Submitted by Whaler Diane

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