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Whale Watching with the Museum
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Whaler's log :: Blue Whale Cruises are here!

A boatload of passenger, including newlyweds from Arizona, a Chicagoan who confessed to never seeing a whale on Lake Michaigan, and a passenger from Scandinavia (a bird enthusiast who added to his life bird list) joined whalers Judy and Emilia aboard a a recent H&M Landing blue whale cruise. A small pod of common dolphins greeted passengers as the boat entered the Pacific Ocean. Traveling toward the Los Coronados Islands 2 blue whales were spotted and one appeared to be feeding on the abundant krill which draws the whales to San Diego waters in the summertime.

A megapod of common dolphins, seen in the distance, swam toward the boat and stayed alongside. One almost jumped into the boat! New California sea lion pups were seen at Lobster Cove on Dead Man's Island along with their noisy adult counterparts. Brown boobies, a wave from naval personnel on South Island, and a relaxing trip back to San Diego rounded out a great day on the ocean. Whaler Judy L.

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