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Whale Watching with the Museum
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Whaler's log :: Blue whales spotted weekend of May 7

Bottlenose dolphins greeted Bright & Morning Star passengers Saturday morning as they left San Diego Bay - always a good start to a Nature Cruise. But viewing three blue whales was the highlight of the trip. Watching them dive and show their tale flukes is always a thrill. The sea lions, harbor seals and elephant seals on Los Coronados Islands never fail to please passengers, and many saw a mother feeding her brown booby chick. Another great day on the water.  Whalers Judy and Ruth and all the passengers on board enjoyed the trip immensely.

On Sunday, passengers were once again observed a blue whale in the same area as Saturday's sightings.  As the boat headed toward Dead Man's Island the passengers a humpback jumped out of the water. The boat slowed down to a crawl and this energetic whale put on a fantastic show - quite a Mothers' Day treat. Passengers saw many breaches and fin slaps and the whale came within 20 or 30 feet of the boat hurling its body out of water. Everyone was wowed!  The marine mammals on the islands, as always, were appreciated by all, and once again the brown booby chick was seen feeding. The trip back was blustery but everyone accompanying the crew and Museum Whalers Rosie and Diane agreed it was a fantastic tour.

Submitted by Whaler Diane

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