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Whaler's log :: Large Pod of Dolphins on Nature Cruise

Passengers on the March 12 Nature Cruise were thrilled when they came upon approximately 2,000 common dolphins frolicking in the water, tail slapping and high jumping, as well as surfing the wake of the vessel. The elephant seals, harbor seals with their pups and hundreds of sea lions were enthusiastically observed. Perhaps due to the recent earthquake/tsunami, the swells were higher than on most Nature Cruises. Nonetheless, passengers, along with Museum Whalers Sheri and Diane, enjoyed the day.

Sunday, March 13, the ocean had calmed and passengers enjoyed seeing three of the four local species of dolphins, including Pacific white-sided, common and offshore bottlenose. The highlight of the day was watching a pod of five gray whales exhibiting mating behavior, closely followed by some offshore bottlenose dolphins. A group of "birders" from Indiana were thrilled to see so many birds they had never before observed. Whalers Gaynell and Diane, along with all the passengers, thoroughly enjoyed the day on the water.

Submitted by Whaler Diane

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