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Whaler's log :: Sperm Whales Sighted on March 10 Cruise

Passengers on board the Nature Cruise to Los Coronados could not have been more thrilled with the sightings on the cruise of March 10. The day began with an unusual sight-a pod of 10-12 sperm whales, the world's largest odontocete (toothed whale). It is extremely rare to see this deep-diving species so close to the coastline. They traveled in a group with bodies almost touching, several spy hopping and showing their large blunt heads. At times, they resembled a chugging train.

The views on Los Coronados Islands, which never fail to please passengers, included brown boobies, black and American oyster catchers, brown pelicans feeding their chicks, elephant seals and pups, harbor seals, and the ever-present sea lions.

On the return trip to San Diego, at least 10 gray whales were sighted, including, a mother with calf. One curious gray whale approached the boat, turned over onto its back and swam right under the vessel. Three pods of Risso's dolphins and graceful bottlenose dolphins were also observed. The sperm whales were spotted once again logging (resting) in at the surface. Another great day on the water.

Submitted by Whaler Diane

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