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Whale Watching with the Museum
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Whaler's log :: Wonder and awe on the open seas

We were lucky enough to encounter a very large pod of Common dolphin about one mile west of the San Diego Bay entrance. Jaws dropped and time stood still for a moment as we all watched in awe the glory of the active dolphins. We continued on toward the nine-mile bank and came across a decent-sized Mola-mola, large enough for everyone to see.

After seeing this representative of the world's largest bony fish, we finally saw a spout. It was a small Blue whale! We carried on toward the Coronados where we saw another Blue whale. This one was much larger and more than likely an adult. We all got a good look at the blow, the arch in the back, and the speckled slate blue integument; never lucky enough to see the fluke which stayed hidden beneath the water.

We continued to Los Coronados where we saw "the crowns" beaming with their jewels... crystal blue water, Brown boobies, Black Oystercatchers, Brown Pelicans, Bright orange Garibaldi, Black Sea nettles. The rocks were sprinkled with California sea lions and a few Harbor seals.
Everyone was hypnotized by the beauty of nature and the liveliness of this wonderful island ecosystem so close but so far from downtown San Diego.

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