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Whale Watching with the Museum
Blue Whale Pelican Dolphin Blue Whale seen from boat Blue Whale Dolphins

Whaler's log :: Whale watchers checked out by curious whales and 1000 dolphins

After seeing a couple Black Sea Nettles near the dock we headed out into the ocean wilderness off San Diego where we hit a motherload of at least 1000 common dolphins, including moms and babies. They were in every direction we looked!  After the dolphins we spotted several mola molas—new to many people on the boat—and when the unusual fish jumped up out of the water it was even more surprising. As we cruised along the nine-mile bank Captain Ben looked on the fish finder for signs of krill, the favorite food of the blue whales. And we spotted the first blue whale. And then several more spouts, with some whales venturing close to our vessel to check us out! Shortly after, a humpback whale showed off his tail fluke.  We spotted a total of eight whales.

Then we headed for the Coronado Islands where we oyster catchers, many brown boobies, sea lions and harbor seals. We loved seeing the sea lions with their little pups relaxing on the rocks.

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