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Student group admission does not include the 3D film. 3D-film passes are $3 per person.

Gallery Investigations

Self-guided Visits
Available all year
Conduct your own self-guided visit and enjoy the Museum's exhibitions and films in the giant-screen theater. Curriculum materials are available for most exhibitions. Teachers may arrange to preview exhibitions by calling 619.255.0210.

Days: Daily from 9:30 AM–4:30 PM
Fee: $6 per student
Group size: 10 students minimum; one adult per eight students is required and admitted at no charge. Additional adults $8 each. (Note: 3D films are additional.)

Habitats of San Diego
Available October–May
San Diego County has more biodiversity than almost any other place in our country. Students view the varied habitats of the seacoast, valleys and mesas, mountains, and desert. Students will also observe a live snake and discuss the adaptations necessary for its survival.
California State Standards 12

Explore Fossil Mysteries
Available October–May
San Diego County has a fascinating history with fossils from 75 million years ago on display at the Museum. Students tour seven epochs with a Docent and ponder the evidence for past climates, environments, and extinctions. Familiar and bizarre animals are encountered from San Diego and Baja California.
California State Standards 14

New! Water
Available October–May
Water is life; life is water. Students will learn how plants and animals of San Diego County adapt to their specific habitat. Water conservation, where we get our water, how we use our water, and where our water goes will be included.

All That Glitters
Available October–March
This exhibition showcases minerals and gems found in San Diego County. View our displays of the Julian gold mining history and tourmaline mines that are still operating today. Amazing geology and amazing jewelry!
California State Standards 31

Days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
Fee: $8 per student (includes General Admission to the Museum)
Times: 10 AM or 11 AM
Group size: 32 students maximum per session


Science Workshops

Read a Rock
Available September–June
No more mock rocks! The real deal comes to your classroom. Categorize rocks based on their physical properties. Illustrate the rock cycle using Starbursts candies. Classify minerals based on the testable properties of color, luster, streak, and hardness.
California State Standards 22

Eyes on Nature
Available October–June
Connect science and language arts. Explore shapes found in the natural world. Using loupes, identify patterns in animal and plant specimens. Draw the shapes you see and write analogies to describe these patterns. Theorize how form follows function in nature and how shape may benefit a specimen.
California State Standards 2223

Days: Weekdays
Fee: $210 for two 1.5-hour sessions; $80 for an additional session; same day, same room, same topic, limit three sessions per day
Times: Flexible
Group size: 32 students maximum per session

Museum on Wheels

Fossil Tales of San Diego
Available October–May
Students are guided through 75 million years of our county’s fossil history with stations highlighting: Cretaceous, Eocene and Oligocene, Miocene, Pliocene, and Pleistocene. Models and casts of familiar and bizarre creatures that roamed our county are shared.
California State Standards 17

Nature's Night Life
Available October–May
Students are introduced to nocturnal animals and their special adaptations for life in San Diego County. Stations highlight: Things that Fly at Night, Animals that Can’t Stand the Heat, Finding Food at Night, Live Animals, and Demonstrations.
California State Standards 18

Life in the Desert
Available October–May
This program discusses the geology, plants, animals, and their adaptations for the extremes of life in our Anza-Borrego desert. Stations highlight: Cactus Scrub and Rocky Hillside; Dry Wash and Oasis; Badlands and Dunes; Low Desert; and Live Animals.
California State Standards 10

Available October–May
Students are introduced to five habitats in the most biologically diverse county in the U.S.—San Diego! Stations highlight: Seacoast, Coastal Plain, Foothills, Mountains, and Desert. Run around the county like a roadrunner!
California State Standards 20

Days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
Fee: $155 per school visit for two one-hour sessions; same day, same room, same topic
Times: 9:30 and 10:45 AM
Group size: 32 students maximum per session


Nature Walks
Available October–May
Roll up your sleeves, put on your walking shoes, and discover the beauty of our own backyard—San Diego County. On your one-hour nature walk, the Museum’s Canyoneers (trained volunteer naturalists) will guide you through a trail that will invigorate your senses. Inhale the fragrant beauty; get up close and personal with some of our native arthropods; touch the flora and learn how to identify local plants. In addition, the Canyoneers will demonstrate how the Kumeyaay Indians adapted to their environment by utilizing available resources. Choose from a selection of fantastic walks at popular walk locations.

Days: Weekdays
Fee: $2 per student, $30 minimum per class
Times: 9:30 or 10:45 AM
Group size: 32 students maximum