San Diego Natural History Museum--Your Nature Connection[SDNHM Environmental Science Education Center]

Binational Education


Director of Binational Education
Doretta Winkelman


The Making of a Naturalist

The Making of a Naturalist employs a unique mind-map model of the ecosystem that students can apply to any setting. They learn about the components of an ecosystem and how they are related through feedback loops. Watershed ecology is presented and, through mapping activities, students learn about their watershed and their place in it.

These materials, suitable for use in grades 4-10, also guide students as they observe their watershed's ecosystems firsthand. Activities focus on plants, pollination, insects, and birds. A section on the urban environment teaches students to value their own "turf," as well as natural settings. The curriculum is available in Spanish, as well as English. Lunch will provided the first day of the workshop.