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Binational Education


Director of Binational Education
Doretta Winkelman

San Diego-Tijuana Border Initiative

SDTBI (The San Diego-Tijuana Border Initiative) is an endeavor to improve the coordination of community, social, educational, and environmental services in this transborder community. Community development in this region is a social participatory process that often begins with schools, teachers, students, parents, families and community. Social, educational and environmental issues and services are tightly interrelated and frequently there are common solutions to multi-faceted challenges.

The Tijuana directory of Social and Community Services is a product of the initiative. Resource-based mapping is projected for the next phase of the project. The information gathered from this process will serve to support a regional plan.

Key collaborators in this project include the City of Tijuana-Social Planning Departments, Daedalus Alliance for Environmental Education, San Diego Natural History Museum, United Way of San Diego, and the Universidad Ibero-Americana. This group serves as the core programmatic team. Twenty to 30 other transborder organizations participate.

The Border Initiative is one of several programs of the San Diego Natural History Museum that operates in both the US and Baja California, Mexico. Other binational programs include PROBEA (teacher trainings in Baja California) and the Making of a Naturalist (El Joven Naturalista) training for teachers in the U.S. and México.