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Shark Books for Young Readers

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Recommended Books: Sharks

Castro, Jose I. Castro and D. Bryan Stone
The Sharks of North American Waters
Texas A & M University Press (1996) Paperback - 180 pages
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Cousteau, Jean-Michel and Mose Richards
Cousteau's Great White Shark
Abradale Press (1995) Hardcover - 176 pages synopsis: More than 120 color photographs and drawings capture the undersea world of the great white shark, in a study that examines shark lore and myths, evolution, biology, characteristics, and behavior.
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Ellis, Richard
The Book of Sharks
Knopf (1989) Paperback
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Klimley, Peter A., ed.
Great White Sharks: The Biology of Carcharodon Carcharias
Academic Press (1998) Paperback - 517 pages
The great white shark, Carcharodon carcharias is a marquee predator made famous by movie and myth. This unique text brings together the latest information on both the ecology and the behavior of these remarkable animals. An international team of expert researchers separates fact from fiction on great whites and sharks in general.
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Long, John A.
The Rise of Fishes: 500 Million Years of Evolution
Johns Hopkins University Press (1996) Paperback
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Springer, Victor G. and Joy P. Gold
Sharks in Question: The Smithsonian Answer Book
Smithsonian Institution Press (1989) Paperback - 187 pages
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Stevens, John D.
Facts on File, Inc. (1987) Hardcover - 240 pages synopsis: Presented with the latest shark research, the reader is offered a clear and balanced understanding of the shark's evolution, biology and behavior and its place in the ecological chain. More than 200 photographs, most in full-color.
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Ferguson, Ava and Gregor Cailliet
Sharks and Rays of the Pacific Coast (Monterey Bay Aquarium Natural History Series)
Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation (1990) Paperback
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