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Botanical References for Our Region

Beauchamp, R. Mitchel
A Flora of San Diego County, California
Sweetwater River Press (1986) Paperback
Based on Munz's flora, this gives a much briefer key to work through, as well as very helpful listings of known localities for each species.
Available from

Benson, Lyman
The Cacti of the United States and Canada
Stanford University Press (1982) Hardcover
Available from

Benson, Lyman
The Native Cacti of California
Stanford University Press (1969) Paperback
Available from

Blackburn, Thomas C. and Kat Anderson
Before the Wilderness -- Environmental Management by Native Californians
Ballena Press (1993) Paperback
Available from

Bowers, Janice Emily
Shrubs and Trees of the Southwest Deserts
Southwest Parks & Monuments Association (1993) Paperback - 140 pages
Available from

Crittenden, Mabel
Trees of the West
Hancock House Publishers (1992)
Available from

Crittenden, Mabel and Dorothy Telfer
Wildflowers of the West
Hancock House Publishers (1992)
Out of Print

Faber, Phyllis and Robert Holland
Common Riparian Plants of California
Pickleweed Press (1988) Paperback
Available from

Hale, Mason E.
Lichens of California
University of California Press (1989) Paperback - 254 pages
Available from

Hickman, James C., ed.
The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California
University of Calfornia Press (1993) Hardcover - 1400 pages
This is the current standard reference book for native and naturalized plants of California, essential for anyone who is serious about identifying plants in this region.
Available from

Holland, V. L. and David J. Keil
California Vegetation
Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company (1996) Paperback
Available from

Junak, Steve, et. al.,
A Flora of Santa Cruz Island
Santa Barbara Botanic Garden with the California Native Plant Society (1995) Paperback
Available from

Kearney, T. and R. Peebles
Arizona Flora
University of California Press (1960) Hardcover
Available from

Lenz, L. W.
An Annotated Catalogue of the Plants of the Cape Region, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Cape Press (1993) Paperback
Available from

Lindsay, G. and J. Hugo Cota
The Taxonomy and Ecology of the Genus Ferocactus
Tireless Termites Press (1996)
Out of Print

Minch, John and Thomas Leslie
The Baja Highway - A Geology & Biology Field Guide
John Minch & Associates
Out of Print

Moran, Reid
The Flora of Guadalupe Island, Mexico
Memoirs of the California Academy of Sciences, No. 19 (1996)

Roberts, Norman C.
Baja California Plant Field Guide
Natural History Publishing Company (1989) Paperback
Available from

Shreve, Forrest and Ira L.Wiggins
Vegetation and Flora of the Sonoran Desert
Stanford University Press (1975) Hardcover
Available from

[Seasonal Guide to the Natural Year] Wade, Judy
Seasonal Guide to the Natural Year - Southern California and Baja
Fulcrum Publishing (1997) Paperback
Available from

Wiggins, Ira L.
Flora of Baja California
Stanford University Press (1980) Hardcover
The standard work for the peninsula, this flora is in serious need of revision. Several hundred species are known for Baja California which are not found in this book. Still, it is the only attempt, thus far, at conquering the vast and varied inventory of plants for this region.
Available from


Baja California Norte Almanac (1997)
Baja Almanac Publishers, Inc., Las Vegas, NV. $12.50

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